Online Application and Registration System (OARS)


The Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission has introduced Online Application and Registration System (OARS) in order to facilitate the candidates to register online for various examinations held by the Commission, and also create a permanent database of candidates’ profile.


The overall objective of the Online Application and Registration System (OARS) is to develop an automated Registration Process and provide user friendly access to the candidates for registration. The broad objectives of OARS are as follows:

  • Increase Operational Efficiency : By leveraging the available Information Technology solutions, APPSC aims to completely automate recruitment process in an integrated platform and reduce the repetitive paper work /records through computerization of the entire back-office functions.
  • User-Friendly and Secured Data Submission : Online Application and Registration System provides not only user friendly but also secured data submission through electronic mode.
  • Permanent Database: The Registered particulars of the candidates on One Time Registration (OTR) mode shall remain permanent in the form of Dashboard and any new notifications/results or any other relevant events will be notified to all those registered with APPSC .
  • Dashboard : Individual dashboard has to be provided to each candidate who registers online and their particulars have to be maintained permanently. The dashboard shall be user friendly so that the candidates can easily understand and update their data/particulars/images.

One Time Registration (OTR) in the form of Candidate’s dashboard

Before applying for any post candidates should register their profile and upload their photograph, signature and certificates in the portal permanently so that they can apply for any examination/recruitment if they are otherwise qualified. Candidate shall create a unique user ID and password to access the data base with permission to edit and update their profile to change as they wish.

This OTR is mandatory to all candidates who wish to apply for any recruitment notified by the Commission. Candidate dashboard shall contain complete details of the candidates and his history of his/her applications. Fields /details required in dashboard will be decided by the Commission from time to time.

On Line Application for specific recruitment

Online applications for specific post will be available based on the details required for each notification. When a candidate clicks to new notification for submitting his/her application, one has to furnish his OTR ID and Password. The particulars available in the OTR have to be populated in the post specific application and he/she has to furnish additional details required for the notification. If OTR ID is not available,he has to Register first in the OTR. Using OTR ID alone the candidates shall be permitted to apply for the post specific application.Candidates can edit certain fields in the post specific application till the last date for submission of application.

Any modificationin the OTR and / or post specific application , candidates should be alerted through SMS and email.


The OARS is facilitated with all modes of Payment i.e., Net Banking, Credit/Debit card payment and payment by automatically generated Bank challan at the branches of major Banks with wider presence across the State.


Candidates who are found guilty of the following items of misconduct are liable to be disqualified for being considered for a particular post or debarment from applying to the Commission either permanently or for any period or the invalidation of their answer scripts in a written test or the initiations of criminal or other proceedings against them or their removal or dismissal from office or the ordering of any other disciplinary action against them if they have been appointed on or any one or more of the above.

  • Any attempt by or on behalf of candidates applying for selection by the Commission to influence the Chairman or any Member of the Commission or the Experts or Examiners who assist the Commission or to canvass support for their selection.
  • Any attempt to influence the staff of the Office of the Commission to do any undue favour to them or to divulge any information which is to be kept secret until it is officially released under the Orders of the Commission.
  • Making of any false statement in the application form or any document produced in connection, with selection or suppression of any material fact relevant to the selection from the Commission.
  • Production of any false or tampered document before the Commission or the tempering with any document produced before the Commission in connection with a selection after their production.
  • Any attempt to prefer any false complaint before the Commission about a rival candidate in a selection.
  • Making any false allegation against the Chairman or any other Member of the Commission or any Expert or Examiner who assist the Commission or any Member of the staff of the Commission in connection with a selection.
  • Any improper behaviour in connection with any interview or examination held by the Commission.
  • Tampering with any answer book in an examination conducted by the Commission or writing, anything in such answer book in any manner which in the opinion of the Commission would lead to the identification of the candidate against the instructions contained in the answer book.
  • Any other conduct which in the opinion of the Commission is likely to affect the fair and just selection of candidates by the Commission.