Q.1. How can a person apply for the selection to a post?

One can apply online for the selection to a particular post when the selection is notified by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission in the Web Site, News Papers etc. The applicant’s candidature in the said selection is valid only if he/she satisfies all the eligibility criteria specified for the selection as well as the modalities for applying for the said selection.

Q.2. When does the Commission notify a selection?

The Commission notifies the selection to a post after vacancy for the post is reported to the commission by the respective Appointing Authority.

Q.3. What are the conditions to be satisfied by a person for applying to a selection to a post?

A person applying for a selection shall satisfy all the eligibility criteria given under the Notification concerned and General Conditions.

Q.4. What are the age limits prescribed for the selection to posts conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission?

The age limits (upper & lower) for a particular post are given in detail under the selection/Notification for that post. Normally, 5 years relaxation is given to APST Candidates and 3 years to OBC Candidates.

Q.5. Which is the date based on which the age of an applicant is calculated?

The day of reckoning age of an applicant for a selection is as per the date mentioned in the notification published by the Commission. If the applicant is found under aged/over aged as on the date aforesaid he will be ineligible for he selection.

Q.6. If an applicant acquired the Qualifications prescribed subsequent to the last date of receipt of application for the selection concerned, will his application be admitted for the said selection?

No, the applicant shall acquire all the prescribed educational qualification for the post within the last date fixed in the notification for the receipt of the application prescribed.

Q.7. How many years will a Ranked List published by the Commission be alive?

The Ranked Lists published by the Commission remain in force for a period of one year from the date on which it was brought into force provided that the said list will continue to be in force till the publication of a new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year or till the expiry of 3 years whichever is earlier.

Q.8. Give the details of percentage of Reservation given to APST Candidates?

The Reservation Ratio maintained in the Commission is 80:20. 80% of the seats are reserved for APST Candidates and 20% is for open competition.

Q.9. How are the Ranks of candidates in a selection assigned while preparing the Ranked List concerned?

Whenever the two or more candidates have secured equal aggregate marks, the tie(s) is/ are resolved in accordance with the principle approved by the Commission. viz,

A.P. Civil Services (Main) Exam

  1. Candidate securing more marks in the Compulsory Papers and the Personality Test put together is to be ranked higher.
  2. In case where the marks mentioned at (i) above are equal, the candidate senior in age is to be ranked higher; and
  3. In case where the (i) and (ii) above are same, then the candidate getting more marks in the b Compulsory papers is to be ranked higher .

Combined Medical Services Elam:-
  1. A candidate who secures more marks in the written examination is ranked higher;
  2. In case where, marks mentioned at (i) above are also equal, the candidate senior in age is ranked higher.
  3. In case, where date of birth arc also the same, the candidate who has completed this MBBS examination first is to be ranked higher.
    1. in case of a tie in recruitment by interview only the candidate possessing higher academic qualification is to be ranked higher.
    2. By date of Birth.

Engineering Services
  1. The candidates with more marks in Engineering papers may be ranked higher;
  2. In case the total marks of Engineering papers are also equal, the candidates with more marks in personality Test may be ranked higher,
  3. In case the marks in the Personality Test am also equal, the candidates who is senior in age may be ranked higher,

Q.10. Which are the documents to be attached with the application?

Documents supporting age(Class X), Class XII, Diploma, Graduation, Post Graduation etc. and documents supporting APST, Domicile, Photographs, Signature has to be uploaded in One Time Registration and Online application System (OARS) of Commission’s Website