Mr. Nipo Nabam


The Arunachal Pradesh, Public Service Commission (APPSC), established in 1988, has been performing its role as the constitutionally mandated guardian of merit and equity in recruitment to the 'Arunachal Pradesh Public Service', with integrity, impartiality and efficiency. Our mission remains, to consolidate public trust by creating and nurturing a Public Service that is Independent, Impartial, Ethical, Effective and Capable enough to meet contemporary challenges faced by the Government and is responsive to the growing expectations of the citizens at large.

We endeavour to achieve this by establishing, evolving and employing universally recognised conventions and best practices, appropriately adapted to the uniqueness of the State, in our recruitment processes. Graduating to the 'UPSC Pattern', for recruitment to the 'State Public Service' and introduction of the system of 'One Time Registration' for applicants, on the Commission's Website are two such recent measures. With the increasing use of technology, the effort is to simplify processes for the applicants and systematically enhance transparency.

Towards this effort, we are incredibly grateful to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh for its unqualified support in responding to all our requirements, with due sensitivity and promptness. We also acknowledge the firm backing of the people of the State, especially its youth, who have enthusiastically accepted all the innovations that we have endeavoured to introduce, cognizant of the Commission's commitment to elevating public service in the State, to the highest standards.