The Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission stands as a beacon of trust and integrity in the realm of public service examinations, and it is imperative that we uphold the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and fairness. Accountability lies at the heart of our responsibilities. We owe to ensure that our examination processes are free from bias, favouritism, or any form of malpractice. Every candidate deserves an equal opportunity to showcase their talent, abilities and merit, and we stand committed to safeguarding this principle with unwavering commitment.We will ensure utmost transparency, in our processes and will maintain clear lines of communication with all stakeholders. It will be our strongest intend to demonstrate that the Commission becomes an epitome of integrity and fairness in the days to come. Let us reaffirm collectively, a commitment to excellence and integrity, while adhering to high professional standards and delivering speedy public service as expected of us. Together, let us strive to uphold the values that define the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission and the noble cause it serves.